Living on the City Fringe

Living on the City Fringe is a communication project that deals with the topic of regeneration and gentrification of Hackney. Hackney borough is part of the City Fringe Opportunity area. It has experienced radical demographic and structural changes in the last ten years, and direct experience of this changing environment has led me to reckon with my own participation in this transformation.
Living on the City Fringe aims to understand different perspectives on the complex issues of gentrification and regeneration in the area through a series of interviews with local people from different ethnic and social backgrounds.The piece is animated using 3D characters created from real plaster casts, made by taking impressions from the walls of buildings in Hackney. From these impressions, plaster forms were created, and the surfaces of the buildings were replicated. The ‘bricks’ are a representation of the environment of Hackney and its real inhabitants, as opposed to the images seen in imagined future renderings of upcoming new developments.
Software: C4D, After Effects, Adobe Animate, Photogrammetry, Photoshop, Premiere Pro.
Official selection for Factual Animation Film Festival. Creative direction, concept, storyboarding, character design, animation, editing, compositing, content development
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